The finance and administration manager is a professional role of international cooperation that demands mainly leadership and management skills. In particular the assignments are:

  • Plan, manage and co-ordinate the operational activities of the Finance and Administration Division.
  • Work with the Program Manager to co-ordinate preparation of budget estimates, negotiate and manage budget allocations according Donor guidelines and exercise financial responsibility for the efficient and cost effective functioning of the organisation.
  • Developing and implementing training opportunities for the accounting officers to effectively and efficiently maintain the finance management and the administrative systems.
  • Provide quality control and oversight to Donor required reporting to ensure they are accurately completed on a quarterly basis and submitted with relevant documentation within the required timeframe.
  • Provide regular and timely reporting to the Board regarding financial status, practices and controls.
  • Analyze and assess field project acquittals to ensure that all funds are acquitted fully and reported accurately on a timely basis.
  • Ensure that sufficient administrative practices and protocols are in place to manage assets such as vehicles and ensure that they are monitored, maintained, and insured at the correct intervals
  • Manage human resources from the administrative point of view: local recruitment and contracts, payments in accordance with local legislation

The Master in Cooperation and Development at Pavia’s University has an entire module (more than 110 hours) on project management, and several classes concerning finance and economics among the many subjects and it also provides an internship on the field up to 6 months.

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