The country director is an essential professional profile in international cooperation and must have soft and hard skills, as he/she has to deal with different issues, such as:

  • The effective integration of strategic, programmatic and operational management and the development of new business, in compliance with the Organization mission and mandate.
  • Establish annual objectives and targets, performance measurements, standards and expected results
  • Support HQ in fostering a positive and respectful work environment
  • Guarantee the security of all the staff
  • Build and strengthen strategic partnerships in the country through active networking, advocacy and effective communication
  • Develop a comprehensive partnership and programme development plan in line with the Country Strategic Plan and Regional Strategies
  • Lead the identification, design, formulation and negotiation of new projects and programs and draft concept notes and project document briefs for discussion with partners
  • Implement internal performance and quality control systems for in-country programmes including tracking, monitoring and reporting on project delivery and financials
  • Evaluate performance to measure efficacy and alignment of the country with the organizational/regional/country strategies and compliance with standards of accuracy, transparency and accountability and to ensure that service delivery reinforces business development objectives.
  • Represent the organization in the country and be responsible for the management of host country relations
  • Develop and strengthen relationships with local organisations and networks and establish national and regional strategic relations and alliances with partners and civil society working in common cause with the organization objectives
  • Manage human resources, both local and expats

The Master in Cooperation and Development at Pavia’s University guarantees the perfect education for this profile, by giving the academic training and the practical tools trough an internship with an NGO.

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